Yesterday we were Aviva Sigorta,
today Unico Sigorta.

We are continuing our journey as Unico Sigorta with our strong agency network and our experience from past to present in order to supply innovative products and service for our customers.

Management Team

Company Board of Directors

  • Piraye Antika

    Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Peter Lovas

    Deputy Chairman of the Board of Director
  • Cenk Tabakoğlu

    Member of the Board of Directors
  • Kerim Erhan Dumanlı

    Member of the Board of Directors
  • Jürg Weber

    Member of the Board of Directors
  • Jülide Mercan 

    Member of the Board of Directors
  • Jürgen Meisch

    Member of the Board of Directors

Management Staff

  • Cenk Tabakoğlu

  • Burak Topçak

    COO, Assistant General Manager Operations
  • Müjdat Orcan

    CMO, Assistant General Manager Marketing & Sales
  • Ahmet Özer Özcan

    CFO, Assistant General Manager Finance
  • Doğan Zorlu

    CUO, Assistant General Manager Commercial UW, Reinsurance & Brokers
  • Korkut Çırak

    Director, Actuary
  • Emre Bilgin

    Director, IT
  • Mehmet Sunkur

    Group Head, Software Development and Business Analysis
  • Handan Demir

    Group Head, Region of Central Anatolia and Region of South Eastern Anatolia Sales
  • Rabia Kocaaku

    Group Head, Human Resources and Training
  • Özben Müge Mutludoğan

    Group Head, Business Development & Bank Assurance
  • Kerem Erdoan

    Group Head, Marketing
  • Menekşe Gürbüz Canpolat

    Group Head, Finance
  • Meltem Güler

    Group Head, Claims
  • Hüseyin Ozan Hantal

    Group Head, Policy Management & Marine UW
  • Alper Yücer

    Group Head, Analytics and Reporting