Yesterday we were Aviva Sigorta,
today Unico Sigorta.

We are continuing our journey as Unico Sigorta with our strong agency network and our experience from past to present in order to supply innovative products and service for our customers.

Management Team

Board of Directors of The Company

  • Çağlar Şendil

    Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Sinan Görkem Gökçe

    Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Alper Emrah Coşkun

    Member of the Board of Directors
  • Emine Talay Turan

    Member of the Board of Directors
  • Ahmet Sertem Demir

    Member of the Board of Directors (General Manager)

Management Staff

  • Ahmet Sertem Demir

    General Manager
  • Barış Baran Sertel

    Assistant General Manager (Corporate UW and Reinsurance)
  • Emine Talay Turan

    Assistant General Manager (Finance)
  • Murat Tuvay

    Assistant General Manager (Sales, Marketing, Business Intelligence and Information Technologies)
  • Bülent Keleşoğlu

    Director, Claims
  • Menekşe Gürbüz Canpolat

    Director, Finance
  • Yavuz Ay Ak

    Director, Motor Insurance
  • Ali Parmaksız

    Group Head, İç Anadolu Regional Directorate
  • Altuğ Altun

    Group Head, İstanbul Agency Sales
  • Çağrı Sütken

    Group Head, Liability and Reinsurance
  • Ender Evran

    Group Head, Broker & Captive Agents
  • Gökmen İbişler

    Group Head, IT
  • Hakan Alıcı

    Group Head, Güney Anadolu Regional Directorate
  • Kadir Suyabatmaz

    Group Head, Technical Portfolio Management & Marine Special Risks
  • Rabia Kocaaku

    Group Head, Human Resources and Training
  • Süleyman Akabalı

    Group Head, Motor Insurance
  • Ulaş Hakan

    Group Head, Marketing